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Leaving the Covid Cave

6 May

Many wonderful folks struggle being social.  In our community, so many of us tend to be loners to start with.

I don’t know about you, but I’m practically a hermit now. In March of 2020, (in my state), we were asked to stay home for two consecutive weeks, to bend the curve of COVID spread. I grabbed my little schoolroom chalkboard and marked out each date – so I could cross them off. I remember thinking, “Wow! FourTEEN days?”  But I did it. We all did it – going on fourteen MONTHS now.

As a result of growing up with a super toxic mom, I became a social chameleon. I can appear outgoing – even fun-loving – but I’ve confessed before that most of the time, I’d really rather be home with a good book or watching a vintage movie or working on hand sewing. 

Many wonderful folks struggle being social.  In our community, so many of us tend to be loners to start with. 

Now that we’ve all navigated a full year of isolation (Bad? Not so bad?) We are facing a return to more “normal” social interactions. My palms are sweaty. I feel like a hermit being lured out of his cave, holding his hand up to block the shock of light hitting his eyes. How ‘bout you?

Here’s what I have found that helps:

Pick a Wing Man

I’m married to Mr. Social. We’re both fully vaccinated and miss seeing friends. He makes plans to meet folks on patios for cocktails and I tag along.  He’s the lead cyclist, and I pedal in his draft. I don’t go every time – and that’s okay.  But every time I go, I’m glad I did. You don’t need to be married to Mr. Social. Maybe you have a Social Sister or Social Friend that always plans things. Let them know that you’re ready to say yes to invitations. Then say yes. 

Keep it Comfy

Others may want to go from zero to sixty, but not me. I probably won’t sign on for a family trip to Disneyland, but I will meet a vaccinated girlfriend for coffee. It helps if you have a friend that is sweet and kind and understands that things can be weird for you sometimes. 

Be Open to Trying Something New

Look for opportunities to step out of your comfort zone for an hour. We recently went to a local farm that keeps water buffalo to make dreamy buffalo mozzarella cheese. There was an interesting cheese talk while we picnicked at scattered tables. The highlight was an opportunity to brush baby buffalo. I mean, COME ON!  Who wouldn’t want to try that? Keep your eyes open for unique opportunities near you. You could even invite a friend along.